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"Kristin embodies professionalism and trust in every sense of the words. She is incredibly gifted with a unique set of interpersonal skills and is a creative expert in all facets of target marketing. Kristin not only understands what it takes to develop a successful marketing strategey (in depth target audience analysis, product positioning, branding, etc.), but also how critical it is to stay abreast fo the constant changes in consumer preferences and marketing trends. When Kristin tackles a project, she always brings 100% focus, commitment and effort to ensure the project's success- and in the process, is also successful in establishing long-lasting friendships/relationships with others." Robert Rebholtz, jr. President & CEO Agri Beef Co

Lane Public Relations- New York & Portland

"Kristin is one of the best partners I have had in my 15+ years in the publc relations industry. She is whip smart and incredibly organized. Her ideas are fresh and always focused. Her ideas are fresh and always focused. She's deadline driven, but never at the sacrifice of quality. What's more, she movitaves and inspirses those around her to do and be their best." Kristin Siefkin Past: Vice President, Lane Public Relations Current: Founder, Idea Spark

Big Head Marketing, LLC

"In today's world, rarely do you come across someone with as much passion and dedication to their work as you do with Kristin. Not only did she exceed the expectations of my client, but more importantly, her analysis and recommendations let to a significant increase in their ROI. Kristin is unique in that she is not content until the entire process of defining opportunities and providing solutions to her clients is presented and discussed. Additionally, she truly cares about the success of her clients' businessess and recognizes the value that each team member delivers to each project. Without hesitation, I would recommend Kristin if you are looking for a marketing consultant that will provide solutions that not only drive sales, but help streamline your company's workflow to promote exponential growth." Anna-Marie Abell President/CEO Big Head Marketing, LLC

WELSH STUDIOS / Professional Photography

"Kristin is extremely professional and researches, documents and coummunicates client expectations in a timely manner before our scheduled photo shoots. By doing so, she bridges the gap between a customer's business goals and their photography needs. She is extremely detail oriented ensuring that the process runs smoothly, ultimately delivering a feasible product that exceeds the expectations of our clients and reflects the creativity and quality that Welsh prides itself in delivering." Steve Welsh Owner Welsh Studios

"We were looking to move our online company forward in this fast-paced market, so we turned to Kristin Thornton. She presented us with a logical, realistic strategy tailored to meet our goals and backed by impeccable research and maket analysis. In working with her, it became clear that she is genuinely dedicated to our company's success and she continues to lend us valuable support with an almost propretary enthusiasm." Bernie Traurig Founder & CEO

"The thing that sets Kristin apart is how much she cares about what she does. She knows that every job she puts her hand to is an ongoing reflection of her initiative, creativy and effectiveness. Their is nothing half-hearted about her or her work, and every business that discovers that will benefit from it." Casey McMullen CTO

Rebecca Robinson/ Professional Food Stylist

"Working with Kristin is always a joy. She is upbeat, positive and a team player. Kristin comes to each project prepared with a clear and creative vision for the end result. Her detailed and efficient communication is key to achieving the end goal. I have always been impressed with Kristin's true gift with people. She treats everyone with respect and her gracious personality puts everyone at ease." Rebecca Robison Photography prop stylist & food stylist (online management application)

"Kristin was a tremendous help to Stable Secretary as we started to focus more on marketing. She was super to work with - reliable, responsible, very knowledgeable, cooperative and understanding, kind, cost and value conscious. She helped us to create a fantastic marketing plan that we could implement, and remains a helpful resource even after that project was done. She advised us on web site updates and provided lots of helpful examples to help us make decisions. She was willing to take charge when she needed to, and also work with our requests and needs when we had them. I recommend her very highly..." Kate Nilan-Rice, Founder, Stable Secretary (E-Commerce Development/Chicago)

"It has been a joy partnering with Kristin over the years. She is consistenly innovative, thoughtful and dedicated in her initiatives, which always lead to great online success. " Danelle Eilers Director of Client Management